COVID-19 Safe Grassroots Training Experience

      Cal North Offers Curriculum for Recreational Training

      We have all been challenged with finding ways to navigate through our daily activities during the COVID-19 era.  Restrictions have made it impossible or impractical to return to normal soccer activities including games, practices, and training.

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      Virtual Training and Academy Style Play

      In conversation with leagues and clubs, we have learned that many of you this Fall season will be conducting virtual training or other structured soccer activities that will take place via Zoom or Google Meet for the Fall Season. With restrictions still in place across Northern California we want to support your efforts to provide players a safe and healthy outlet. We know how important it is for children in our communities to be able to engage with their friends and teammates, and to participate in social and physical activities.

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      California Department of Public Health: Guidance for Youth Sports

      On August 3rd, The California Department of Public Health released COVID-19 Interim Guidance for Youth Sports to address youth sports statewide. The document provides pertinent information for all youth sports programs to support a safe environment. 

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      Suspension of Play Lifted and Return To Play Guidelines

      Cal North lifted the suspension of play that has been in place due to the COVID-19 virus and pandemic.  The final decision to get back on the field has been returned to local leagues and clubs in every district, county, and city.  The decisions leagues and clubs make to return to play must abide by and be done in conjunction with directives established by the State of California and local county health directors and departments.  Cal North has prepared a number of recommended guidelines to aid leagues and clubs in developing their own unique return to play protocols.

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      Soccer Without Borders Is Organizing a 5-Week Challenge

      We know how challenging it has been for our youth to not be able to participate with their friends and teammates in the activities that they love. Social distancing is challenging for us as adults, and we can only imagine how much more difficult it is for our children.

      With that said, we want to share a resource to support the remote coaching and mentorship work many of you are doing during this time of social and physical distancing. One of Cal North's partners, Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is organizing a free 5-week challenge. The Stay Home Season starts April 27th (registration deadline is April 24th):

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