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      With cups for your recreational, competitive and premier teams, we have the right cup for you. Explore our cups below, or view our play level guides to get more info based on your team's level of play. 


      State Cup
      This is the qualifying cup competition for the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships, which is the first step on the road to US Youth Soccer National Championships. Created for the very top-level level teams that participate in Premier level playing leagues such as CNPC, US Youth Soccer National League, ECNL, GA, NorCal Premier League, or other comparable level Playing League. State Cup is open to any team registered through a Cal North affiliated league. Brackets for boys and girls in the U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18, and U19 age groups are offered.
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      Association Cup
      Created for entry-level to mid-level competitive teams and recommended for teams that play in the Junior Varsity level of Cal North High School Prep League, or at the Copper, Bronze, or less experienced Silver level in any other qualifying Playing League. Qualifying playing leagues include but are not limited to Cal North High School Prep League, CCSL, Cal North District Playing League, NorCal Premier, or other comparable level Playing League. Association Cup offers brackets for boys and girls in the U13, U14, U15, U16, and U19 age groups.
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      Junior Cup Festival
      This Cup tournament is designed to introduce teams of all levels to the Cal North Cup Series!The Junior Cup Festival offers different levels of competition for both Recreational and Competitive teams that play in the 9U, 10U,11U, and 12U age groups. This tournament is designed for teams that played in a Cal North or other US Soccer approved playing leagues. Approved playing leagues are leagues affiliated through US Soccer, including but not limited to CCSL, NorCal Premier League, AYSO, SAY Soccer, as well as Cal North District Playing Leagues. Teams are considered for placement in brackets until brackets are filled based on their eligibility and by application date. Revenues minus agreed expenses generated from this event will stay with the host organization. Please reach out to to your districts to see if your district will be holding a Junior Cup.
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      Beach State Cup
      Your first step on the road to the US Beach Soccer National Championship! Cal North Soccer Association became the first US Soccer Youth Association to declare a State Championship for beach soccer. Cal North have always been major supporters of the sport and have now decided to take the next step and create a youth beach State Cup! Thousands of teams have participated in the last 18 years, and Santa Cruz, CA will host the fist ever Cal North Beach State Cup. Now the true Cal North Champions will be crowned which will be the first State Championship ever to take place nationally. With that crown they will also qualify for the US Beach Soccer National Championship in San Diego. You don’t want to miss out on this Beach Soccer Historical Moment!
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      Cinco de Mayo Tournament
      Bringing the hispanic community to celebrate "Mexicaneidad" ! Given the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reactivate and strengthen collaboration bridges between the Mexican, Mexican-American and Hispanic communities living in the United States, the sporting event Cinco de Mayo Tournament will take place in collaboration with the Mexican Consulates of Sacramento, San Jose and Fresno. Directed towards the youngest to the veterans in both women's and men's branches, this event will promote the integration of the community and strengthen the traditional celebration of May 5th, which is now known for celebrating "Mexicaneidad".
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      Junior Cup Festival

      Designed for U9 to U12 teams as an introduction to Cal North's Cup Series


        U9 U10 U11 U12
      Premier 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9
      Gold 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9
      Silver Elite 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9
      Silver 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9
      Bronze 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9
      Copper 7v7 7v7 9v9 9v9


        Junior Cup Festival - State Cup
        Junior Cup Festival - Association Cup


      Full Cup Series

        U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18 U19
      Premier 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11
      Gold 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11
      Silver Elite 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11
      Silver 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11
      Bronze 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11     11v11
      Copper 11v11 11v11 11v11 11v11     11v11


        State Cup
        Association Cup


      The above info will help you select the right cup for you, based on the level at which your team participated in league play and  tournaments as well as your performance within that level.

      Teams can always select a higher level cup in which to compete, but there are some restrictions as to what level of cup teams can select. For example, a team that participates at the Premier or Gold level may not select Association Cup as an option. 

      With the exception of Under 19 State Cup, all teams entering Cal North Cups must participate in a playing league as specified in the specific cup's rules

      Applications that have not been submitted to the correct play level may be moved to the proper corresponding cup after review by the Cup Placement Committee.  Based on their level of league play or performance in league or tournaments, the Placement Committee may move an application to a higher level cup competition.


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