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Welcome to Cal North's Registration Hub! As Cal North begins to prep for the upcoming season, this page will help navigate our registration platform,  GotSport.  This page will provide all the information needed to properly register players and administration for the upcoming seasons.


* If you need blank player passes or match cards delivered to your organization, please follow the steps below:


1. Email Ken Lorenzini at Applied Litho at

2. Let Ken know how many player passes and game cards you need in your email as well as your shipping address. Please specify if the address is business or residential.

3. Applied Litho will ship your order direct to you and Cal North will cover the cost!

4. Enjoy your game cards and/or player passes free of charge on Cal North!

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Important Links

CLICK HERE to view the 2023/2024 GotSport/Cal North Training Recording!*

GotSport On-Boarding Phases

To help facilitate the transition we will be rolling out the GotSport system in 3 phases, so we can focus our training and support based on users’ needs. Learn more here. 


Onboarding Links for Club Admins:

Dashboard & Users

Club Management


Scheduling & Venues







Merchant Application


How to Create Teams and Assign Players


GOTSport login


How to Register Teams as a Club Admin (Pay to Play) - Cal North


GotSport Starting XI Support Links


Submitting Affiliation or COI requests in GotSport






Quick Videos

We have put together the following quick videos for your use. 


What is a global url
316gotsport training
413 training