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      TOPSoccer - The Outreach Program For Soccer is a community-based recreational program designed for participants of all ages with intellectual, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. The program uses a volunteer buddy system and strives to provide soccer opportunities for all players in a safe, fun, supportive, and inclusive environment.

      Please watch this awesome short video below about TOPS, the benefits of the program for both clubs, athletes, and volunteers. You can also click below to find out more about getting involved, starting a program, or finding a program near you.


      Cal North affiliated TOPSoccer Programs 

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      Lassen Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Program
      📍 Susanville, CA
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      Ballistic United SC TOPSoccer Program
      📍 Pleasanton, CA
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      Tuolumne County Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Program
      📍 Sonora, CA
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      Castro Valley Soccer Club TOPSoccer
      📍 Castro Valley, CA
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      TOPSoccer- Elk Grove
      📍Elk Grove, CA
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      Natomas FA - TOPSoccer
      📍Natomas, CA
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      TOPSoccer Pleasanton Rage
      📍Pleasanton, CA
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      Sac TOPS
      📍Sacramento, CA
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      McSwain TOPSoccer
      📍Merced, CA
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      Clovis Crossfire
      📍Clovis, CA
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      Walnut Creek SC TOPSoccer
      📍Walnut Creek, CA
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      Tracy TOPSoccer
      📍Tracy, CA
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      SYSA TOPSoccer
      📍Stockton, CA
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      Livermore Fusion SC TOPSoccer
      Livermore, CA
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      East Bay United SC
      Oakland, CA
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      Becoming a TOPS Player

      What is a TOPSoccer player?

      A TOPSoccer player is an individual, children or adult, with intellectual, emotional, or physical disabilities that have a passion for the game of soccer. TOPSoccer provides people with diverse abilities an opportunity to play soccer in a structured environment that is safe, fun, supportive, and inclusive.


      Benefits of TOPSoccer for Players

      • SOCIAL SKILLS - Players interact with their volunteer Buddy and other athletes in a fun, group setting and learn proper social behaviors.
      • TEAMWORK - Players learn to trust someone else and rely on them through soccer activities and games.
      • PERSEVERANCE - Players might encounter difficulties with activities, but they will be encouraged to keep trying and overcome challenges.
      • CONFIDENCE - Players will achieve success on the field that carries over to their lives off the field in so many ways!

      Starting a Program

      Value & Inclusivity

      1. The unique thing about TOPSoccer is that each program is different and is created around the needs of the participants. Additionally, TOPSoccer athletes are placed on teams according to ability, not age.
      2. Length of program is determined by organizer (6-8 weeks)
      3. Playing rules: Create rules to fit specific needs and use the US Youth Soccer Under-6, Under-8 or Under-10 guidelines
      4. TOPSoccer programs can have very modest beginnings.
      5. For those athletes not able to participate due to medical reasons, design a skills program that is rewarding, challenging and fun.
      6. Variety of choices: Small-sided games (3 v 3, 4 v 4, 8 v 8, etc.), full-sided games (11v11), unified teams (ratio of challenged athletes to non-challenged athletes), indoor programs outdoor program, camp, skills only
      7. Above all... keep it simple... KEEP IT FUN!

      Click HERE to see how you can start your own TOPSoccer Program.


      What is a TOPSoccer Buddy?

      Each participant is assigned a volunteer, trained ‘Buddy’ who is typically a little older and neurotypical. This Buddy works with their player individually and makes sure they are safe, engaged, supported, and having fun. The player-Buddy relationship is maintained throughout the course of a season, resulting in strong interpersonal bonds and an establishment of trust and confidence that allows each player to achieve their full potential.

      Why Volunteer as a TOPSoccer Buddy?

      TOPSoccer relies heavily on help provided by “buddies.” Many programs use a 1:1 buddy system so players can be met at their ability. You’ll gain coaching experience working with athletes with special needs, and be part of ensuring that all kids get to play our beautiful game.

      Who can be a TOPSoccer Buddy?

      Anyone. No soccer experience is necessary, just a positive attitude. Buddies help athletes not only grow as soccer players but also help create amazing social opportunities for both players and buddies. This video will provide you get a better understanding of the life-changing volunteer role you can play. Want to take it a step further and become a coach? It’s easy, and there is a US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Coaching Certification Course available free of cost.

      What role do TOPSoccer Coaches play?

      TOPSoccer coaches and administrators have taken formal USYS education and certification training that assists them in successfully delivering the program. In addition to providing coaching strategies and tactics specifically for children with special needs, the training identifies the traits of the most common disabilities and provides guidance on how to modify typical soccer practice activities so everyone can be successful.

      Why do we need a TOPSoccer Program?

      TOPSoccer was formed to perpetuate the Cal North mission statement which is, in part, "to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition." There are thousands of children with disabilities who need, and can be provided with, the opportunity to play soccer through the TOPSoccer program.

      Helpful Hints

      1. Use color coded goals or nets (e.g., red goals/yellow nets).
      2. Have scrimmage vests available.
      3. Have a ball for each athlete.
      4. HAVE FUN!

      Upcoming Events


      2023 Cal North TOPSoccer Festival

      October 28th 2023

      Pleasanton CA. 

      More detail's to follow soon!

      For more information contact


      (925) 596-9949


      2023 USYS TOPSoccer National Symposium

      • Click HERE to learn more


      Cal North is here to help you!

      TOPS is a US Youth Soccer program with resources to help you achieve your goals whether that’s learning more about TOPS, starting a program at your local soccer club, or working with kids with special needs. Wendy and Joanna volunteer their time with Cal North to ensure all players have access to the beautiful game of soccer. So please do reach out! A little more about us. 

      Wendy Greenberg

      Cal North TOPSoccer Program Volunteer

      Wendy Greenberg is an Occupational Therapist who recognized the absence of a soccer program for children with special needs in her home of Walnut Creek and started a TOPS program at Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club. Wendy can be reached at wgreenberg@calnorth.org

      Joanna Grossman

      Cal North TOPSoccer Program Volunteer

      Joanna Grossman is a non-profit executive and longtime soccer volunteer who teamed with Wendy to help start the Walnut Creek TOPS program. Joanna can be reached at jgrossman@calnorth.org