With all those tips so light and then you see that she is always combed ?! “: this is what I asked my hairdresser and look here .. now I have all the stringy hair, with peaks that ripple, I can’t combine them… and even though when the hairdresser wiped them out they looked beautiful just like the ones at De Filippi, I didn’t really like myself about them, I couldn’t see myself.

Fresh fresh, happened the other day: new customer, see our direct and book advice. What we have just told you is what she told us .. it was exactly like this: she wanted the cut and the color of De Filippi (with lots of photos to avoid mistakes) and the hairdresser performed. We could say everything: that it did not feel good, that the hair was (for us) been massacred and emptied by the pruning machine, that certainly the lightening had strongly damaged her hair, etc etc, but actually, the line of the cut and the color were equal to those of De Filippi. She asked for that and got it!

It is a real pity that no one has explained to you that Maria De Filippi, like all her colleagues, before going on the show, we have hairdressers and make-up artists available, while she is not .. as it is a real pity that no one has explained to her that having a previous dark color, to reach that level of blond, for his hair type it could be very dangerous and above all that kind of cut on his face was to be avoided!

Who knows how many of you have experienced similar experiences, maybe not so serious and extreme, but surely they will have happened to you too .. that’s why we continue to offer you and for the moment to give you our advice.

Sonia, so we will call our friend, did not have a consultation, they simply did what she asked, with a disastrous result.

And Sonia? How is it over?… simple, we changed the line of the cut, giving it a line that enhances its features… at the same time we removed the part of the hair ruined by the trimmer, then we regenerated her hair with two different treatments and with our lands we have returned body and life to her hair, thus guaranteeing her a beautiful and particular image.

For home management? Very easy! Because I dried them by simply using a hairdryer and hands, and the hair fell into place by itself.