Yes, the tips are a bit dry, but look at these lightening, they are months old and from 5/6 months I only do the color on the root, they still look beautiful to me, they still look beautiful, but I always go to the hairdresser to give me the turn and I noticed that if those who fold me do not work on them with brush, they do not hold me, they immediately become opaque and frizzy.

Anecdote happened a few days ago in the store:

customer passed by a fold and the operator, talking to her, found a type of hair with very damaged lengths and the rest of the hair very dehydrated and a dark and dark base color, typical of types of color that completely cover the hair giving overlap and inevitably after two colors have the characteristic of burning the hydration molecules. At this point the operator started to give a series of information to the customer and, while he explained, he told her that the colors we use need 40/45 minutes of laying to be able to give a correct coverage of white hair. the client’s eyes widened, saying that she is always very busy and apart from the slight drypoints, for the rest, making only the color at the root, her hair was in place and beautiful.

But he had to go to the hairdresser to take the turn .. if the hairdresser did not work the hair well, it rippled and we do not talk about the fact of washing them at home alone .. a disaster.

For his eye, it was normal the color with an overlap and consequently opaque, dull and the fold formed by the hairdresser. Do you know why? Because for so many of you and also for so many hairdressers what has happened is normal, the words of that client are emblematic: “if I don’t work my hair well, then it ripples .. my hair is just a little dry”.

Despite having spent many hairdressers, many of them definitely not cheap, no one has ever told her certain things and in fact what I noticed is that when some basic things were explained to her, her gaze changed and she closed with a hedgehog. What transpired was just: “What are you saying? Are you crazy? ”

No, we are not crazy, we have set ourselves with wanting to give you absolutely wow hair and we do not stop .. so we understand many things:

  • That you look at us like aliens when we are the first who recommend certain things to you.
  • That you send us to that country because we keep you more time in the store than others.
  • We tell you no to certain requests of yours.