• They invited me to the first of the ladder, I had thought of wearing that dark gray suit with the beautiful horse boots that I paid € 700… I will definitely look great.

We pay more and more attention to details: handbags combined with shoes, belts combined with shoes, clothing designed to go running, clothes for the evening, clothes for the aperitif, shoes for working, for the office, for sports. whoever has more you put it.

And the hair?

Of course we do not say that you have to change them at every opportunity (apart from some harvest or hairstyle for some particular occasion), but around there are too many colors that go on one side and cuts that go on the other, what do we mean? .. still too many women are colored a lot for or simply to cover white hair. Lighter or darker tufts so much for, just to change the color without a purpose, maybe even done well, but that has nothing to do with the cut or even with the colors of the person. The cut goes on one side, the color goes on the other and to give life to a look with a wow-effect, everything must be harmonious.

At Revolution, we have been preaching for years that color is a complement to the cut and only the perfect fusion of these two elements creates a look, that is, a perfect image for you, able to enhance your natural beauty and make you more attractive.

So from now on, as you rightly care with the utmost attention to the type of clothes to wear and their colors, start looking at your hair differently, check if your color is a complement to the cut or you did it just because you liked it. or the hairdresser has made you a fantastic color of his own, but you realize that something is wrong, maybe it has nothing to do with your cut.

Many hairdressers have specialized only one color, others only on the cut.

At Revolution we realized that if we want to get wow hair, 4 are the basic steps:

  1. Healthy skin.
  2. Healthy hair.
  3. Cut with correctly distributed volumes.
  4. Color that must be a complement to the cut.