Our goal is always to give you wow hair and everything starts from having healthy skin. Read more on Over the years we have realized that it is not enough to have only a beautiful color, a nice cut or to use good products to obtain the wow effect as a result .. but 4 elements are necessary and the first fundamental is the healthy skin.

On our skin there may be anomalies, alterations, a strong itching of the skin that scratching worsens more and more the situation, the redness, the irritated .. the most if you add color on such irritated skin, everything gets even worse .. the skin even gets to flake.

The more we attack the skin, the more damage we will cause.

Or there are those who have very oily skin, it is the skin that produces fat. Someone still says “I have greasy hair” … it’s not hair, it’s the skin that has an alteration.

There are other cases in which white dots are noticed, but it is not always the gel or the lacquer that leaves these residues (obviously very aggressive types of products): it is dandruff !. They can be smaller or larger scales, not to be confused with the powder left by the gel or lacquer .. dandruff is another alteration of the skin. Many run for cover by going to buy an anti-dandruff or anti-grease shampoo, but these products do not solve the problem, in fact, they worsen the situation .. they can also dry the hair and worsen the skin.

If you do not educate yourself to use products that give hydration, that go to calm, that remove the excesses of sebum, which go to give back to the skin everything that may have been removed during the various cleansers, the situation will do nothing but get worse.

With detergents, with products, we are not going to treat the cause, we are interested in the anomaly in itself, that is toxins … which we will eliminate in a non-aggressive manner.

Our skin needs to be cleaned and hydrated every day! How clean our hands and our face are! The skin of the skin is the same as the rest of our body!

This is a very important passage, which is not easy to interpret: to relate certain problems with having beautiful hair. The problems that we encounter on the hair, arise from the skin and if we do not educate ourselves to cleanse and moisturize it correctly, we cannot hope to have hair wow!

So it’s important that you start treating your skin properly if you want to get the wow effect!

It is essential to always check the ingredients of the products!