Warning! Direct for all of you who want to make your hair grow at all costs .. you are tired of seeing yourself always with the same look, arriving at a certain length you can no longer manage your hair and you see yourself anonymous (maybe you are too) , but you absolutely don’t want to cut your hair.

This is also one of those situations that occasionally happen to us: you are no longer satisfied with your hair because they have reached a length that the old cutting line no longer supports, so you see yourself in a mess, you don’t like each other.

Creating a new line that makes you beautiful, more pleasing and more satisfied with your look can lead to shortening your hair in some places to redistribute weights, but you don’t agree because your priority is to grow your hair and in order not to risk losing 30 days in length, what do you decide? You decide not to reposition the volumes and in doing so, you go around 3 or 4 months with a head that looks bad and maybe it is not even in order .. in the morning you spend a lot of time trying to get a decent head (often you can’t get it).

Is it worth it? Fortunately, most of you understand this condition and agree to lose 1 or 2 cm of hair, in favor of a beautiful image right away, that makes you beautiful and in order until you reach the desired length.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, sometimes our customers, even new ones, tell us that they haven’t cut their hair for 10 or 15 months and they all tell us more or less the same thing … that is, that they keep them tied or fill with gels because they can no longer handle them. They also tell us that they had unmanageable heads until they were able to tie them, and what happens in most cases? The tips are ruined, therefore the hair grows less and to fix them it is necessary to cut them 4 or 5 cm.

Do you think that all this makes sense?

The purpose of the Revolution is to make you more and more beautiful and attractive even when you decide to make your hair grow and with our work paths, we are able to give you an optimal hairline and quality of hair to reach the desired length. so if you want to grow your hair, don’t make the mistake of not cutting it for months because it’s definitely not the best solution.