We were asked this question during the internship that we held at the live video festival at the Milano Marittima building. We held an internship regarding the image and the look of these young promises of music .. we decided to do this kind of intervention because in the other years we realized that many of them didn’t have a look, their own image .. they didn’t have a suitable look, it wasn’t the village festivals, it was like they were going shopping or the first communion .. this festival can be a great springboard for a future career so it’s very important to have a look and an adequate image.

People who perform on stage must transmit much more, not only with the voice but also with the image.

We too “ordinary people” transmit something in everyday life…

This was one of the most beautiful questions they asked us.

After we also showed images of fashion, we asked them the same question .. and everyone obviously replied that it is certainly better to have a picture of their own! Even with a fashion trick, God forbid, but fashion should not be copied by thread and by sign, we must also follow the aesthetics of the person, if it does not value yourself first and foremost we must not do it by force… if it does not make you more beautiful, it means that you don’t like that kind of look.

After this meeting many people stopped us to ask us for advice .. most of them had very long hair with a straight line in the middle, or curls with a tail and so on .. this is not a look, it was an unkempt image, they transmitted nothing. Our look, our image shows what we are, is what we outwardly see of us .. but if we have an image that does not belong to us we could never reach the wow effect, be beautiful, please others.

The wow effect includes 4 factors:

  1. Healthy skin.
  2. Healthy hair.
  3. Cut.
  4. Color.