• “I go to the hairdresser every 3/4 months because I don’t have time .. I am always away for work, so I want them beautiful shorts so that they last me all these months”.
  • “I always go to the gym, so I need a practical cut that I can also dry quickly”.

These are the things one of our customers told us, his needs…

He had already come to us 5 months ago, he confessed to us that initially, when he left the store, he was not very happy because he wanted a short cut that would last and the operator did not execute it to the letter as he wanted .. but in the following months he changed his mind, his hair was always neat.

With his hairline, if he had been shaved (as per his request), he would not have stayed all this time with his hair in order .. while maintaining the right weights and volumes, his hair remained tidy, long yes, but always okay.

“The short cut lasts longer”: this is absolutely not the case, especially if they go from 3 to 5 months.

So don’t get your hair shaved too much if you want to stay tidy for several consecutive months… otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a sort of “artichoke” on your head, especially if you have big, wavy hair.

It’s a bit like hair that tells us where it needs to be cut.

It is important to also consider the shape of the head to avoid highlighting bad details.

So you little boys can also have wow hair if you pay attention to these details.

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