• This color has tired me, it doesn’t excite me, I can’t see it ..
  • Not to mention the cut .. I don’t know what to do ..
  • I want to change my look, but I don’t know what to do .. I saw some photos, I watched on TV the looks of VIPs, but I don’t know if they could look good.
  • An… I would like to fade and become all blonde! I can do it?

All these doubts can be answered with ADVICE!

What is the advice? Why is it important to do it ?:

Our goal is to give you all hair wow!

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On Sunday I went to a friend’s house and we talked about hair with his wife .. he told me that he had wanted to become blonde just recently, he was going to a hairdresser who was very attentive to the quality of the hair, which told her that to get that platinum blonde effect, he could not do it all at the same time .. also because the hair was very thin so it was a great advice to proceed step by step to get that much-desired color. But what is the effect of white ?: transparency .. the wife of this friend of mine has very thin hair, the hairdresser having focused only on the well-being of the hair and on the client’s request, she obtained that the skin was very visible when the work was finished. but the fundamental step is: how is the client? If you do a job.

This is to say how important a consultancy is that can take all the problems concerning the hair at 360 degrees. That encompasses the 4 steps that we always decant in our direct:

  1. Healthy skin .. Having skin with problems, it generates hair with problems that must be treated in a very different way.
  2. Healthy hair .. if we have a hair that is structurally weakened by different treatments, etc., the structure cannot hold up different things, such as a fold, or it does not retain the fading color, etc. It is therefore essential to have a healthy, reconstructed hair.
  3. Cutting. The world of cutting, the attachments, the line that can look good aesthetically … is the client able to manage them at home in this particular way ?.
  4. Color .. for those who make color the 3 previous steps are fundamental. The color must make a compliment to the cut .. it must not be without sense, it must not become opaque or turn into color.

For all these reasons a correct and complete consultation is essential!