We will talk about the problems of having an untreated skin that affects your hair.

  • You have hair that does not hold the fold.
  • Your color in the upper area becomes dull, ugly and dull.
  • Your hair is always stuck to the head, after a few hours you have already washed it looks dirty.

All these problems start right from the skin!

They no longer hold the fold: an unhealthy skin goes to produce an unhealthy, weak, often thinned hair .. if the skin, the skin is not clean, the root of that hair remains flat, it does not rise, then the fold it doesn’t last!

A skin with problems generates an unhealthy, even thinner hair. Having thinning hair also leads to more serious problems (but this is another topic). Keeping a “big” hair and a thin hair in your hair, makes the difference, but even if you have a “big” hair and you don’t have a properly clean skin, the fold will not last anyway because the hair suffocates and flattens. Here we return to the importance of correct cleansing!

Another type of problem that can be found on a hair that is not treated correctly is the color: the color is not retained correctly, does not last over time because the hair may be dehydrated so it does not retain the color that is automatically opaque, dull, it must be redone after a short time and here is the dog that bites its tail .. a thinner hair has the same problems. When this problem occurs above all in the upper area, it indicates a skin problem.

This is an important message we want you to get through the importance of having healthy skin! The goal is always to have wow hair! Not only when you go to the hairdresser, but especially when you do them at home!

Starting from a healthy base, from healthy skin, it will prevent you from finding all these problems.

What do you need to do to have a healthy skin? Which automatically being damaged leads to having unhealthy hair.

Educate yourself to clean and moisturize the skin correctly.

Do not rub your hair heavily with your hands or towel… it is a deleterious operation for your hair, you can break or tear it, increasing damage especially to already thin hair.

The ideal would be to use systems that really clean your skin and remove all toxins from the skin. Toxins are the first “poison” for hair! It is also necessary to maintain a young, elastic, hydrated and nourished the skin. And there are systems that do all this.

Of course, the more damage is extended, the more the recovery times are greater… for this, it is important to intervene as soon as possible!